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Bill Allen

{ Software development, data engineering, photography, travel, dad }

Open Source

  • Go Overview - A long lightning talk, or a short workshop, about Go
  • pypki2 - PKI config and wrapper for Python
  • ipydeps - Handle notebook dependencies with installation accelerators
  • noaa - Go package for fetching NOAA weather data
  • gokml - Go package for rendering Google Earth KML

Other Projects


  • Georgia Tech Student Publications Photo Staff, 2000-2004, mostly sports, mostly film, mostly Canon. Also published in ESPN: The Magazine.
  • US Presswire, 2005-2007, more sports, on spec, all digital.
  • Made the cover of Street & Smith's basketball magazine, then sold the big sports lens (400/2.8) to focus on masters degree.
  • Also over the years: landscapes, models, hiking, travel, and kids. Surfing photography is intoxicating.
  • Gear? Yashica, Canon, Nikon, Canon, Canon, Xpan, Leica, Fuji, Olympus, Ricoh, Panasonic.
  • Film Portfolio
  • Every photographer should also have a neglected blog.
  • random.sample(photos, len(photos))

Other Keywords

  • Jacksonville; Center for Environmental & Architectural Design (CEAD). Drafting. BotBall.
  • Atlanta; Georgia Tech. Computer Science. 2004. Systems & Networks. Technique. Blueprint.
  • Baltimore; Johns Hopkins. Computer Science. 2008. Distributed Databases.
  • Denver;
  • England;
  • Earth;

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